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I booked The Appetizer with Novalee, to get a feel for if it would make sense for me to get a name change session. While I listened to the recorded session, all my doubts and skepticism surrounding numerology disappeared. I felt like Novalee had crawled under my skin, that she saw, felt, and experienced the world as if she was me. She talked straight into my challenges, my dreams, and my strengths. It was incredible to experience that this was someone, who really got me.

Elenor Lind

Nursery Teacher + Holistic Energytherapist

Are you curious about numerology yet would like a taste before jumping into a name change?

The Appetizer is perfect for when you'd like to know how your name is affecting you in broad strokes. It's also an excellent way to experience how it feels to be seen by me, how I hold space, and deliver the numerological insights.

A clear snapshot and insight into how it feels to be you, under the influence of your current name.

You'll get my perspective and a short reading of your base number, yearly base number, name vibrations, and how everything is interacting and playing out in your life. If you have specific questions I'll give you the answers I see.

The Appetizer can be used as a name check-up for you, your business, or your child's name.

If you've worked with a different numerologist or changed your name without the support of numerology you can get my thoughts on if there are better and more supportive options waiting for you. The session can also be used to take a look at your business name and numeroscope or your child's name.

When you book the Appetizer I'll start looking at you and the energy field that surrounds you.

After going over your birthday, numeroscope and name I'll record a 15 min. audio file that you'll receive via email and can listen back to any time you like. You're always welcome to send me a follow-up email if any questions arise after listening to the recording.

maria saraphina.jpg

Maria Saraphina

Spiritual Business Coach + Mentor + Catalyst

One thing I absolutely love about Novalee is her unwavering insistence on truth and no-nonsense bullshit and her deep knowledge. She very clearly knows what she does and does it really well. The energetic difference since my name change with Novalee is so very clearly felt. It's like everything just runs smoother. Like a powerful machine that clearly needed an oil change. If you've found your way into her space there's a reason for it! Follow that guidance!


Augusta Mariia

Living Yolates Teacher + Holistic Energytherapist

I felt extremely safe during the session. The energy you emit is so light and warm. You're so far from being judgemental or a know-it-all and it creates this feeling that you really want what's best for me and that I can do whatever I want without it being weird as long as it's my truth I'm following. During the session, I felt like you could almost see right through me and my history by describing my numeroscope to me.


Avalon Khaan,

Mentor & Love Leader

I recommend this bad ass numerologist, love leader queen, and her knowledge to the max. She is the most dedicated, hardworking numerologist, I’ve ever encountered and puts SO much love into everything she creates. Insanely competent and detail-oriented. And then she just oozes feminine power and owning who she is.

Book The Appetizer now for $115

What is The Appetizer not meant to be booked for?

I won't have time to go through every facet of your numeroscope, karmic lessons, and soul signature.

Please pick The Name Change Session for this.

You'll not receive name lists or a new numeroscope through this session.

Are you looking for support after changing your name or working with another numerologist?

Please reach out and let's see how I can help.​

Gold Fabric

Anna-Dea Fredensborg

Ethnology Student + Photographer

I was curious to see what you'd be able to say about me. I felt very safe but also pretty amazed. How did you know this? and that? and this other thing too?! It felt like you put words to to a lot of things that I've never been able to express, only sense. I felt that when you started talking about my name vibrations.

Aha-moments - Ahh, there are many! Learning about my base numbers. To be reminded of what they entail. To shine a light on when and why I lose my lifeforce. It was so spot-on when you described what my subconscious hold. That parts of the passion I feel were a reaction to something I missed out on in my childhood - and what my passion is centered around. And then I LOVED when you talked about my essence is travel-lucky, because I LOVE to travel!

becky G.jpg

Becky G

Small Business Owner + Educator

To be honest, I wasn't sure how much clarity I would get from the session because 15 minutes didn't seem like very much time. I've never worked with numerology before, so I didn't know what to expect.

I felt like Novalee knew me. It was a very powerful reading and I wasn't expected to get so much insight. So many shifts- It helped to reaffirm the path I'm taking with my business. She also really spoke to the lack of confidence I feel at times when it comes to getting my message out into the world. I don't need to take one more course. I'm already ready.

I really appreciate the clarity I got in choosing a business name. I know now that I was struggling with some of my business names for a reason and feel so confident in moving forward. I also feel like it was Novalee's intuition which guided her to discuss which businesses are profitable.

I’d definitely recommend this session. From my experience, anyone who is wavering about their business name and has some interest in numerology should have this done.


Raasmus Morten Hansen

Reiki Healer + Illustrator + Musician

The appetizer session I received was a great gift and made a big difference. I was curious at first. I was ready for a change on many levels and I knew it was inevitable. I know several people who had changed their name but knew nothing about their process, reasons behind or effect of it. My wife had changed her name and this was the opportunity that arose for me, to see it up close, follow along, ask questions, and be involved in her process.

I was excited and open during the session and experienced a positive shift in my energy as well as a sense of ease. I was and am now, totally ready to be confronted with myself, my ego, all of my good and less than great qualities.


I’m a fan of the whole process from beginning to end, but I was and am glad you took the time to email and listen to me along the way. Thank you for doing that. ❤️ The best thing is and was that everything you told me was so super accurate. You described me better than I could’ve done myself.

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Helen Waters

Writer + Director + Actress, NYC, USA

Novalee has a sense of playfulness and fun that I haven’t found in other spiritual/healing/light-workers. She takes all the serious stuff seriously, but her solutions feel fresh, light, funny, and fun. It’s unique to her. 


See Novalee if you feel like you’re just reliving the same frustrating patterns over and over. She is very intuitive, more than intuitive, even. She can see your pain and your troubles, but she can also see a way forward for you. Actionable, practical steps. 


I feel freer. My core values are aligned with a name change because I believe that we are infinitely creative and flexible beings and changing my name honors that. I love my new name. It’s empowering to choose your own name.


Elinor Cohen

Intuitive Business & Marketing Strategist, USA

Everything was very spot on - I especially liked how you picked out curiosities of mine, that I did not mention to you - you confirmed I should pursue them... also, you emphasized how important it is for me to fill my own cup more than others.. and as of late I have been feeling so depleted - this made everything so clear!


I noticed a shift in my behavior after the session. I’ve said no to several things, lost some clients (which I'm happy about) and decided that I'm no longer serving everyone besides myself.


What resonated most for me was how much I give to others and not to myself... it just clicked to me differently than before.

Brook Harper Ellery

Independent Consultant, Florida, USA

I didn’t have any hesitation when I booked The Appetizer. It’s a good mix of commitment, information received, and cost. I liked what I heard and knew I needed more to figure out how to use the info.

I feel good. I’m very happy. This was really wonderful. You were right on. I'd recommend you to anyone. I've been around a lot of psychics…I’ve had access to it you know? And you were spot on with all your numbers and all your descriptions of how the numbers have been affecting me, so the whole time I was like - ! - I can’t even pick anything and say that didn’t happen. Thank you Novalee!

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